• 3D Design.

    CAD. Generative. Procedural.

  • 3D Printing.

    Fused Deposition. Polyjet. Hybrid.

  • Prototyping.

    Mechanical. Electronic. Modular.

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D.A.S.H. (Digital Anatomy Simulation for Healthcare) Labs offers a network of design and development opportunities that span across industries. Organizations around the world trust DASH to deliver the best value for prototype development, anatomical modeling, and surgical simulation and training. 









3D Printing Innovation. 

We are equipped with the tools and expertise to design a better workflow for teams across any industry.


Our services save money and increase productivity by refining the design and production processes, enabling teams to more effectively identify problems, ideate, and innovate.



Stratasys J750

Medical Simulation & Training

Our services allow medical students to practice surgical procedures on simulated patients, removing risk while earning experience.

Patient-Specific Medical Devices

We create patient-specific medical devices, allowing doctors to more tactfully and directly address the individual and their needs.

Optical Scanning

We possess the tools that enable us to scan real-world objects, allowing for more precision when crafting patient-specific medical devices..

Who we work with.

D.A.S.H. partners with some of the world’s leading industry disruptors and innovators. From international leaders in medicine, academia, and simulation training, our tools and expertise enable teams to work, test, and ideate in a faster, more cost-effective, and safer way.

DASH impact.

Along with our industry-leading equipment, materials and software, our team comes equipped with decades of experience in the manufacturing, 3D design, and biomedical and mechanical engineering fields.
We are always looking for ways to improve education and training, surgical simulation. Take a look at some of our patents, journals and publications, and other projects.

Working together to build a better, smarter future.

Questions? Ready to start? Let us know.